CBD Oil drops

  Is your pet a best friend or even part of the family? Have you ever wondered about it? I know I have, there has even been times I have caught myself asking my furry companions how they are doing and curious if there is anything more that you can do to make them happy.  … Read more

How to Trim Cannabis Plant

So it’s that time is it?  You have cut down your pot plants and are ready to start trimming but are not quite sure on what steps to take next. In this article  we will be focusing on trimming: what it is, reasons for trimming  when to and types of trimming and how to do a … Read more

When to Harvest your Cannabis for Best Yield

Drying Cannabis pants

After finishing your cannabis infused coffee this morning you decide to take a stroll out to the garden to check on your pot plants. Stepping outside, even though the sun is shining, you notice that the temperature has been dropping over the last few weeks the leaves are starting to turn colour and today it’s … Read more