In this article will discuss the benefits of CBD oil. But let us look at what CBD is.    WHAT IS CBD?  When the word marijuana, cannabis, weed, or hemp is mentioned, it is always associated with its ability to make one high by the psychoactive ingredient contained in the flower. (Bud) The cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most common … Read more

Is CBD oil good for sex?

Is CBD oil good for sex?   Have you heard of CBD oil and the wonders it can do for you? CBD oil is well known worldwide to help people deal with physical and mental health in their busy lives. Over the last three years, scientists are researching the benefits of CBD oil and according … Read more

CBD Gummies

Cbd Edibles CBD Gummies We know that the CBD industry is booming, but how do we know how much these products actually work? If you take a look at the products that are out there we come across everything from infused cooking oil to cookies. So what is good you ask? Gummies are yummy are … Read more

CBD Oil And Arthritis

CBD oil affects brain activity and reduces pain and the effects of inflammation, but we need to fully understand its potential as a cannabis-based treatment. CBD oil binds to two receptors called CB1 and CB2 in the brain, one of the most important receptors for pain relief and inflammation. Sources: 5 If so, this relationship with … Read more

CBD and Anxiety

While positive results for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes were shown, the treatment of anxiety symptoms proved to be much more difficult. While high THC13 levels cause anxiety, CBD has shown decreased anxiety. In fact, patients using CBD experienced a decreased amount and intensity of anxiety as well as a decrease in anxiety … Read more

CBD and Beginners

  When shopping for CBD products, especially when you’re new to the hemp and cannabis world it can be overwhelming. What is the best way to take CBD? Would it be edibles, CBD oil or pills? What are the best products? What amount of milligrams do you need to take? How much THC is in CBD oil? … Read more