Is CBD oil good for sex?

Is CBD oil good for sex?


Have you heard of CBD oil and the wonders it can do for you?

CBD oil is well known worldwide to help people deal with physical and mental health in their busy lives. Over the last three years, scientists are researching the benefits of CBD oil and according to them, the cannabinoid is helpful for anxiety, depression, Epilepsy, Huntington disease, sleep, and pain.

There are countless benefits of CBD, and there is a surprising connection between CBD oil and sex. CBD oil plays a dramatic role in your sex life.

What is CBD oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is derived from cannabis. It is naturally found in marijuana plants. It doesn’t create any intoxications, even though it is extracted from the marijuana plant. With time people are becoming more and more aware of its health benefits.

  • Anxiety relief
  • Neuroprotective
  • Anti-seizures
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-acne
  • Cancer treatment
  • Improving sex

Due to its extraordinary benefits, CBD oil is becoming more and more common these days. Now CBD is present in your serum, toothpaste, deodorant, or maybe your parents are using it for their arthritis.

CBD oil and sex – A dramatic improvement in your sex life

Before discussing the CBD oil benefits in your sex life, here’s how researchers take it. Scientists pinpoint the ECS endocannabinoid system to play a role in nearly all primary physiological functions. When we take CBD  the cannabinoids in the oil attach to what is referred to as CB2 receptors, these receptors can be found in all major parts of the human body. This includes our sexual organs.

Role of CBD oil role for sex drive

When you pop a CBD edible or spread CBD oil on yourself, these receptors wake up. After the engagement of these receptors, your body responds differently and positively.

CBD oil treats your pain

According to medical experts, pain is a primary condition that CBD oil treats. During sex, most women have to face pain. Some of them suffer from dyspareunia, which includes a group of disorders characterized by poor intimacy and pain in your sex. According to research, during sex, pain affects 40% of women.

A cell-signaling process that involves your cannabinoid signals and endocannabinoid receptors register your pain in the endocannabinoid system. CBD changes the structure of endocannabinoid receptors and improves this process.

Relieves your anxiety

By relieving your stress, CBD improves your sexual performance. Sex is not only a physical but an emotional and mental experience as well. It is essential to free the racing thoughts from your mind to enjoy fulfilling sex.

Undoubtedly, the biggest hurdle in enjoying a sexual experience is your anxious mind. It prevents you from getting into the mood and also affects your performance. For more explosive sex, CBD oil and its products help you release your anxiety and ultimately increase your performance.

Increases Orgasms

Woman having an Orgasm

Orgasm is the end goal in the sexual experience, and it’s impossible to imagine sex without it. Many people fail to have orgasms. Fortunately, CBD oil has proven to increase orgasms.

Cannabis oil has shown a positive effect and increases your orgasms. It helps to promote the sexual intimacy between your sexual partners.

Regulation of sex associated hormones

CBD relieves sexual performance and reduces anxiety by improving the brain’s sensitivity to “serotonin” feel-good chemicals. It helps activate your parasympathetic nervous system, usually in a receptive and restful state during and before sex.

It plays a role as it regulates the sensitivity of the estrogen, which enhances the response of a female towards her sex partner.

Boosts your energy level

By using CBD before sexual intercourse, you can enjoy its stimulating process. CBD oil can optimize your sex life in several ways. If you are a new CBD user, you should start it with low doses, gradually increase the amount until you receive the desired results with your ideal dose.

Takeaway message

These days CBD products that enhance sex are becoming popular, but they are also easily available. CBD oil and its other products haven’t many side effects like others. If you are looking to enhance your sex life, it may be worth trying.

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  1. Thanks for your helpful article. I want to start using CBD oil, and I was searching for its benefits. It really surprised me when I figured out that it has sexual benefits too. Now I’m more convinced to use it, cause I finally found a better way with fewer side effects. Unfortunately, there is little useful, real information on this topic.

  2. CBD is a natural product that has so many potential health benefits, that I am not surprised to see that CBD can also improve your sex life. It is great to see the ways in which CBD can play a role in improving your sexual experiences, with women possibly benefitting more than men. 

    What is the best way to take CBD? You mention edibles and topical application, but where should the topical oil be applied? And how long before you plan on making love, should CBD be administered to make it most effective? Thank you. 

  3. Hi, I’m more than happy to comment and give my opinion on this subject which is new to me.

    Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with these types of products.

    firstly the website is very nice and clean to navigate around, and I’m not distracted by anything else

    secondly I thought the content was well-researched and the links at the bottom gave me confidence that you knew what you were talking about.

    However, when I read some of the references I felt that you didn’t advise the potential users of possible side effects which admittedly could be minor but I’m still keen to try the products to improve my sex life.

    So well done you achieved your goal of informing me about a subject that I knew nothing about and will look further into.

    Neil Hills

  4. Thank you for your article on CBD and sex. 

    It was interesting to read about the positive effects this can have on your sex life. You briefly mentioned there are no side effects, or very little. What are they and why is this the case that there are no side effects?

    I would be hesitant to use such a product before knowing any risks, side effects, addictive properties and similar cautions prior to using, like any drug or natural product. Thanks for sharing this informative and interesting post 

  5. Hey an interesting post you have here!

    It’s actually hard to find posts with information like this so thanks for covering such a topic. 
    Coming to the cbd oil, it is really surprising me with all the benefits this small oil can offer. I have been wondering to purchase it however was unsure if it’s allowed in my country, since it doesn’t contain the elements that give the high feeling, I’m pretty sure is should be suitable.

    Thanks again for sharing helpful knowledge on this power oil!

  6. Thanks a lot for the insightful piece you’ve written. I’ve been looking into the advantages of CBD oil since I’d like to begin utilizing it. That it also has sexual benefits came as a big surprise to me. Finally, I’ve found a more effective method with less negative consequences, so I’m more committed than ever to using it. It’s exciting to learn that cannabidiol (CBD) may help enhance sexual experiences for both sexes, however women may reap the most rewards.

  7. Hello, I’ve been using CBD for my anxiety and I am not surprised to learn that CBD can improve your sex life because it is a natural product with so many potential health advantages. It’s wonderful to see how CBD can enhance your sexual encounters in this way.

    Thanks for your post:)

  8. There is limited scientific research on the effects of CBD oil on sexual health and performance.

    Some studies have suggested that it may have potential benefits, but more research is needed.

    It is important to speak with a healthcare professional before starting use of CBD oil and be mindful of any potential interactions with medications.

    Personally, I use CBD all the time and recommend it to anyone.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I know CBD offers a lot of good health benefits and was told that some use it to increase their sex drive. This is how came upon your research and is it good for sex? I already use some CBD for my anxiety and pian issues, but need a little more help with my sex drive as menopause taking a toll on my body, and no longer interested. Will have to talk with my primary physician about using CBD to help with my sex drive.

  10. Woo, I have been using CBD oil for some time. I never knew it is extracted from marijuana. And truly it doesn’t intoxicate at all. I have been using it for pain relief and relieving anxiety for kids. I also did not know that it is helpful as a sex enhancement and some of the stuff you have mentioned. Thanks, man for this information.

  11. I have NEVER heard of this. However, I think if I were to google it I would find more information. I usually asociate CBD with Anxiety relief, sleep, pain or many other things. So, your article intrigued me! Thank you for picking such a small niche! It’s growing for sure. I have NO experience with CBD oils, however i use CBD cream to relieve small pains and it works better than most medicated creams. I think it should be utilized more to allow it’s natural benefits help!
    Thank you for a well written piece!

  12. This is interesting!

    Your article is backed by scientific studies and information, so it’s truthful.

    Many people especially women who have problems with sex can benefit from CBD oil. A must try!

    Is there an age factor in using it? Like even older women in the menopausal stage can use it without side effects?


  13. Very interesting and informative article.  I had no idea that 40% of women experience pain during sex.  I am glad that CBD oil can help them!  I also find it interesting that CBD oil can increase your orgasms, helps people enjoy sex more, and boosts energy.  All of this can be very beneficial to a marriage!

  14. Thank you for this useful and interesting article. I have been occasionally using CBD oil for many years, (when I can afford it on my meager earnings, that is) for not only a severe arthritis condition, but for other pain-relieving purposes as well. Still, I was not aware that CBD oil would enhance a person’s sex life. This information has opened my eyes to yet another beneficial aspect of these wonderful products, (as I know there are many different CBD oils available) and their multitude of different uses.

  15. I enjoyed your article. I have always been wanting to use CBD more frequently but due to some legal issues, I have been nervous about it. I don’t think I ever actually thought about it enhancing my sex drive. Which is never a bad thing. This made me want to go get some and test this theory lol.

  16. This is a very interesting article. It also looks well researched with scientific explanation of how it works to improve sex life. i did not know that there are oils for such purpose. Are you able to include more details on how it should be applied? how much should be applied and where to buy. Thank you again for this article on such an essential oil.

  17. Thank you for the information on cbd oil. I had no idea that cbd oil could actually enhance your sex life. I do not know very much about this product so your article was very interesting. Are there different brands of CBD oil? or which ones do you recommend? I might end up trying cbd in the future depending on more information that I can find.

  18. Hi there –
    This article was informative, engaging, and a joy to read. Wow, 40% of women experience pain during sex! That is a significant percentage. CBD can do wonders to enhance one’s sexual appetite. However, what are “safe” doses to take prior to sex?  Does it depend on whether you’re a man or woman? What about age and height? Those are questions that come to my mind.


  19. Great article! I had no idea that CBD oil could have such positive effects on sexual health. I have a few questions about the topic though: Can you explain how exactly CBD oil improves sexual function? Are there any potential side effects to using CBD oil for this purpose?

    I find it really interesting how CBD oil can help with things like lubrication and blood flow. I have heard a lot of positive feedback from friends and family members who have used it for similar reasons.

    Personally, I haven’t tried using CBD oil for sexual enhancement, but I will definitely consider it. Thanks for sharing this informative piece!

  20. Recent studies have found that CBD oil may have potential benefits for those looking to improve their sex life. It has been suggested that CBD oil may act as an aphrodisiac, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and enhance pleasure and satisfaction during intimate experiences. It may also help to provide relief from conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Some research suggests that the calming and relaxing properties of CBD oil may provide physical and psychological benefits, allowing for greater enjoyment of sexual activities. However, more research is needed to confirm these potential sex-related benefits of CBD oil.

  21. I found this article very enlightening.  I have used CBD oil to alleviate joint pain for several years.  I apply it to the joint that hurts.  I have also used edibles to relax.  It had not occurred to me to use CBD or edibles to enhance intimacy although this might have happened unintentionally.  The various benefits you outline from the use of CBD and edibles do impact physical intimacy… particularly the relief of anxiety.  Sometimes it is very difficult to lay aside the problems of the day.  Thanks so much for offering this look at CBD from a new direction.


  22. Very interesting article. I did not know about the sexual benefits of CBD oil. Is this good for all ages? Is there research that shows it is helpful for ED as well as for libido? Mostly what i got from your post is that it seems it would help women the most. What about upper middle aged to senior men? Can it help men with performance? 

  23. Cannabis Cafe,

    Thank you for sharing this information regarding all the amazing benefits of CBD and CBD oils. I have used CBD gummies to help numb my pain after hip surgery and it worked like a champ. I am a firm believer in the right use of CBD and its many forms.

    However, hearing about what it can do in terms of one’s sex life is something I’ve never heard of. Reading your article could not have been timelier. One of my best friends is struggling with vaginismus and has had no improvement for a very long time.

    I am excited to share your post with my friend and who knows I may join the CDB oil club to spice up my already incredible sex life.


  24. Interesting! 

    Well, I know that CBD oils do wonders in the treatment and/or relief of certain health issues such as pain, diabetes, anxiety, depression, etc. This is why I really wished marijuana for therapeutic purposes would be legalized in my country. Several days ago, the news broke that the police confiscated a package containing several bottles of CBD oil. 😥

    Anyway, I never really thought that CBD oil can make one’s sex life more exciting, lol. But certainly, stress and anxiety, no matter where they come from, affect intimacy between a couple inside the bedroom. What a relief that there are remedies to these issues because I believe that intimacy plays a huge factor in keeping the relationship. 

    Thank you for this informative article.

  25. I have heard about CBD Oil before and was wondering all the time whether it is the right oil for sex? How could it be used to improve your sex life? This article answers my query.

    It is well established that CBD Oil does reduce anxiety and reduces stress. Therefore, it is widely used as a cure for stress-related conditions. 

    Thanks for sharing this use of CBD Oil. Would you suggest to consult a medical practitioner before using CBD oil?



  26. I have never tried this, and I don’t think I ever will, however I think for people that are interested it can be useful. I have never heard about the topic, and I also don’t know how big market this has.

    I think it’s a bit chaotic on your website, and maybe you can change up some things and add a theme to make it more attractive.

    Keep up the good work!

  27. Reading this article about how CBD oil might help with sexual health, is a bit contraversial for me. I am not condemning it but I respect it’s medicinal values as experienced by some people that had experiences using it to improve their health. However, if people have sexual problems, isn’t it cheating like using the blue pills to enhance the sexual experience? Though you provided tempting statements of how it improves orgasm, I would still take that info and the oil with hesitation.

    Well, thats just my view but I would workout to improve my body to make it sexually potent. I would also do stuff that are not harmful to wellness of the body, etc.

  28. It is good to know that there is a product that has minimal side effects, yet it can help couples solve their sexual problems. The key points I have picked are: CBD oil relieves anxiety and stress, pain, and regulates serotonin [a sex-associated hormone]. All of these three, if inhibited, the sex life will be greatly affected. However, my question is: won’t this become addictive such that you cannot do anything in bed without using CBD? Thank you, once again, for this valuable solution.

  29. Hello, I learnt new things with your article! I didn’t know that CBD could be used for to improve sexual activity. I heard about pain relief but that’s the first article going into details for the benefits of CBD with sex. But now I think that I watched a documentary some time ago with a Turkish courtesan who would soak cannabis seeds in oil, massage her breasts with it so that her sultan would be crazy for her. Nice article anyway!

  30. Thank you for sharing this informative article on the benefits of CBD oil for sexual health. It’s fascinating to learn how CBD oil can positively impact various aspects of our sexual experiences, from pain relief to increasing orgasms and regulating sex-associated hormones.

    It’s important to note that while CBD oil has many potential benefits, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before using it, particularly if you are taking any medications or have underlying medical conditions. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the CBD products you are using are of high quality and free from contaminants.

    Overall, it’s encouraging to see more research being conducted on the potential benefits of CBD oil, and I appreciate the effort to educate readers on this topic.


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