How to Make Cannabis Oil with Alcohol

Should you be interested in making your own Cannabis Oil or just searching for some information on how to make Cannabis Oil, then this is a wonderful place to start. So lets get into the, as they say “meat” of it, and never mind the fluff.

It has been a few years now that I have been producing my own oil for smoking and after years of research and experimenting I am going to share with you the easiest and best way to make Cannabis Oil.

The best alcohol in my opinion to use in making Cannabis oil is Alcool 94 from your local liquor store. It is what I use and will continue to use since it is a food grade alcohol with no added chemicals.

Although there are other products out there that can be used like Isopropyl, Ethanol and Butane, just be careful choosing what you use as some products have chemicals added to them that are harmful. I found grain alcohol the easiest product to locate. I just went to my local liquor store and purchased a product called Global Alcool (see below) with an alcohol percentage of 94%. It is pricey so you do not want to waste it during your oil making process.


94% Alcohol

Keep out of reach of children !!!


There are a few other items you are going to want to get for this project such as:

  1. Metal or screen strainer
  2. Three glass bowls: two large enough to put strainer in and another one smaller for heating liquid
  3. Rubber or silicone gloves
  4. Soup ladle
  5. Medium to large funnel
  6. Disposable matt or a piece of cardboard
  7. Coffee maker and filters
  8. Rubbing alcohol

Now Let Us Get Started

You are going to want to start by finding a large enough area with a table so that you have enough room to move without knocking anything over.

Next you are going to want to lay down your matt or cardboard on the table to keep any spillage contained and then lay out your items on your table.

Then, you will need to grab your “cannabis products” that includes: your shake and the sugar leaves that you trimmed off your bud along with the scraggly stuff that you are not going to smoke.

The Fun Now Begins

With gloves on, grab your newly purchased Global Alcool, crack it open and pour at least a quarter of the bottle into one of your large glass  bowl.

Now take all your “cannabis products”, put it in the strainer and then dip the strainer into the bowl of Alcool for approx 10-15 min. If the liquid does not cover all the product in the strainer do not panic that is what the rubber gloves on your hands are for. Stick your fingers in the strainer and move the product around and re-dip until it has all been dipped in your liquid. Once you are confident that all your product has been dipped in the Alcool, you can then put it in one of your large glass bowl.  If you have more Cannabis just repeat the dip process in the same liquid.

I like to do a few stir and dips just to make sure all the crystal and resins have been stripped off the Cannabis flower(Buds).

If you leave the Cannabis in the alcohol for a longer period of time this will produce a liquid darker in colour and have more plant properties in it.

Once you have done the dip and strip or soak of your Cannabis, it will need to be pressed to remove most of the alcohol.  In order to remove the plant sludge from your liquid, you will need to put your coffee filter inside the funnel, and then pour your liquid through your funnel and into your empty glass bowl.  When you are done filtering all your liquid and it is now in your bowl, you can place in on the coffee maker warming plate.

It is best to use a coffeemaker warming plate because it has a controlled temperature and using something like an open flame for the cooking process is downright dangerous due to the alcohol being highly flammable!

The Waiting Game

This is the boring part !

Here comes the boring part in a sense of the word because it takes a fair amount of waiting and watching for this stage of the Cannabis Oil making process. It is like waiting for a fine wine to age because Cannabis Oil does take some finesse to get it right. You really do not want to just turn the coffee machine on, put the bowl down on the warming plate and leave it. You actually have to keep checking on your bake down to make sure it is not bubbling or boiling.

Depending on the amount of Cannabis and alcohol that were used there is never a set time for completion of the Cannabis oil making process. What you are going to want to do is to take the liquid off the warming plate and let it cool to see if it is the desired thickness. At this point, you will have to take a bit more care and time so that you do not burn the almost finished product. If you do happen to see the above-mentioned bubbling or boiling of the oil you will need to remove it to let it cool down. Repeat this step until desired thickness is obtained keeping in mind that the thicker the better.

If you are satisfied with the thickness, take a pin, paper clip or something of that nature and dip it in the Cannabis Oil and try to light it with a lighter.  If it flames up immediately, you will need to put it back on the warming plate to get rid of the remaining alcohol in the Cannabis Oil.

Repeat the above testing process until you are satisfied that there is no alcohol in your finished product. 

Now that you have finished your oil it is time to clean up. This is where the rubbing alcohol comes into play. Grab a disposable rag, dampen it with alcohol and start rubbing the areas where you may have dropped a little bit while you were testing.

Now that you are satisfied with the end result, how about a little taste test. After all you did the work right? So why not…Grab a pin and a paper, spread one out, add a little weed or tobacco, roll it up and smoke it.  You may also want to try to melt a drop on an ash or throw some on your dab nail whatever your preference is.

Time to try it.  

Now that you are done with the cooking you can sit back relax and try the fruits of your labor. ENJOY!!!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help as best we can.

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