CBD has continued to gain relevance for recreational and medicinal uses. It is used as a supplement and drug to treat a lot of different health issues affecting adults. It is an obvious choice in those that suffer from anxiety, stress, pains, inflammation, and sleep disorder. The adult age group that suffers mostly from these health challenges are the senior citizens, who are 65 years and above.  

What are the best CBD products for seniors that they can take daily and enjoy the product? Can CBD help with the effects of aging or possibly recover from ailment or discomforts? Though elderlies might not be able to jump around or dance with so much vigor, by using CBD products, seniors may be able to decrease aches and pain while increasing their quality of life. 

Today CBD has been made into products like gummies, oils, bath bombs, coffee, and a lot more. It makes it convenient to incorporate into everyday use. These products are used to take care of many ailments and supply the daily requirement of CBD without its use as drugs. 


Most seniors experience a lot of health challenges ranging from brain and spinal cord deterioration to arthritis—it is a natural process, as you grow older–the body ages. They can no longer do the things they use to do when younger as they begin to experience symptoms like tiredness, joint pains, insomnia, and inflammation. It is important that they replenish their body and keep it active, but the discomforts experienced by the aging process sometimes are a barrier to achieving their desired quality of life.  

Let us take a quick look at predominant ailments that seniors experience: 

Most seniors experience chronic pains from cancer, neuropathic disorders to milder pain like muscle aches and bone degeneration (arthritis).  Living with acute and chronic pain has been proven to be the culprit in affecting seniors and their quality of life.  Many will avoid social interactions and encounters because it is hard for them to “hide” the pain from their loved ones and also due to the feeling that “nobody understands what I am going through”.  Regardless of the source of their degeneration, the fact remains that these symptoms may be the culprit to being that person that nobody wants to be: “The grumpy old man or women”. 

CBD products can help with decreasing inflammation and provide elderlies with a better sleep supporting the body, not only in rejuvenating while at rest, but also increasing energy levels.  Activities will seem to be less demanding or impossible, social anxiety will naturally be decreased and interactions will be more pleasant as the moment is no longer focused on the discomforts experienced but on the connections that they are now able to make with their loved ones.  

It is not possible to only look at the physical symptoms of aging as there is an emotional and mental attachment to the physical pain they experience.  When one focuses their thoughts on the pain and limitations it puts on their lives, they also become emotionally attached to the “life” that they cannot have or that they “used” to have.  It creates a negative pattern that in turn initiate anxiety and depression.   

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance with little (0.03%) when gotten from marijuana or no THC content when gotten from hemp. The absence of THC from most hemp plant has made its products considerably safe for treatment and recreational use. CBD has been made into a variety of products for seniors and many have had much success in regaining some independence by consuming or indulging in the positive benefits that some products such as CBD coffee, oil, and bath bombs have offered. These products are organic and natural and do not need a regimented schedule unlike the usual medication or drugs.   You should consult with a health care or naturopathic practitioner to determine which product (and dose) would be best for you and the symptoms you are experiencing.   

Below are 3 products that we consider to be the best products for seniors: 

CBD Coffee:  

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages by adults in America and Canada. The coffee contains caffeine that acts as a stimulant, but this has various side effects, especially on seniors which include feeling anxious the jitters, sometimes nausea, and headaches.  CBD coffee is more natural, works as an antioxidant, and has soothing properties that helps to keep you calm and relaxed.  

 It may be challenging establish the perfect ratio of CBD to add to your coffee.  There are products available that are specifically designed to offer the convenience of a measured dose of CBD like “Bearded Man Coffee” This product comes in the form of K cups. Each cup of their CBD coffee contains 20mg of isolate which makes taking your daily dose of CBD safe and convenient.  


CBD Oil:  

This product can be purchased on its own and added to cooking oil (like coconut or vegetable oils), can be used directly in your food, can be added to a body cream to be used directly on your skin area of pain or inflammation or infused in your beverages. The best method is when the oil is dropped under the tongue. CBD oil is better because it serves numerous uses for various purposes. It may be a best option to purchase a product that is regulated where doses are safe and effective without the doubt of taking too much or too little.  We recommend that you consider your options and ensure that you select a product that have certified organic ingredients.  


CBD Bath Bombs:   

It is well known that a nice hot bath is soothing for muscle and joint aches and pains.  This pleasurable relaxing experience can be enhanced with the use of a bath bombs.  This product is a soapy ball with CBD isolate and organic ingredients that dissolves in water and helps with discomfort, stress, and anxiety.  Soaking in a CBD bath bomb tub moistens and heals the skin as it also has an antibacterial and antifungal component to its properties.  Although there are many reports of the benefits of these products, they are still new and there is limited research on the side-effects and risks of using CBD bath products as the long-term effects of its use is unknown.  Should you experience irritation, swelling, or a rash, stop using the product and consult a healthcare professional.  



Seniors have many challenges when it comes to pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety and depression.  In order to stay away from THC products that offers a “high” feeling, it is best to explore a variety of CBD products that will still provide the relaxing effects this natural plant.  

With the recommended use of everyday products, the use of CBD is easily absorbed into the body. Great caution should be taken when on other medications to avoid complications.  


Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements, including CBD as it may interact with other medication and to avoid complication. 


If while taking CBD products, you experience any of the side effects (diarrhea, loss of appetite, dry mouth, and light headedness. Start by adjusting the quantity of CBD by reducing it and observe its effect. If no significant change is experienced, ensure you speak to your pharmacist or your doctor about these effects.   





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