Is your pet a best friend or even part of the family? Have you ever wondered about it? I know I have, there has even been times I have caught myself asking my furry companions how they are doing and curious if there is anything more that you can do to make them happy. 

Well maybe there is a way to improve or enhance the health of your pet, all I know is that if I could help a family member (fur baby or not) then I definitely would. 


Of course you would…I knew you were a softy!!! 

Family friends

Now that we have established that you and many others would like to see their pets live healthier lives. Below is information on how CBD may help with your pet’s health. 

In today’s day and age Cannabis has become highly relevant for therapeutic and recreational purposes.  My last post dealt with how CBD oil can help you. The benefits of CBD products for animals are numerous they can be used as an anti-inflammatory, sedative, appetite stimulant, pain reliever and possibly act as an anti-cancer treatment. 

The use of CBD for pets is associated with the presence of endocannabinoids in animals like dogs and cats and because of this using CBD will help enhance its functionality in the animal. The effect of CBD on animals is like that of humans, meaning it is safe for use in animals. The endocannabinoids interact with the compounds in the CBD to boost the immune system, nervous system, and digestive system of the animal.  

CBD products for pets can be added into products like biscuits, tablets, capsules, flavored oil tincture, extract, cream for tropical use, and other edibles. These various products help easy absorption of CBD by the animal. 

A report from National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) examined the use of CBD for a reduction in acute and chronic pain as an analgesic, anxiety, atopy, for fungi and bacteria infections, diarrhea, and other digestive disorders. It showed that among 266 participants, over 80% of veterinary doctors agreed that it was helpful and useful or somewhat beneficial, and about 1% thought it was harmful to the animals. Although not all veterinarian’s do not agree on the use of CBD for pets 100% of vets agree that CBD should not be used to treat glaucoma.  

CBD oil puts pressure on the eyes of dogs. Do not administer it for the treatment of glaucoma. 


If you have a sick pet, the listed benefits below can help you when using CBD to treat your pet.

Time for CBD

CBD oil with chicken flavor works for epileptic dogs and reduces the number of seizures they experienced as compared with dogs that were not treated with CBD. The CBD oil works as an anticonvulsant. 


Various researchers have shown the effects of CBD oil for pets with cancer. They show that CBD oil has been able to relieve pets from pains associated with cancer. It reduces anxiety, loss of appetite, and depression associated with chemotherapy. Most of all, it has been confirmed to have reduced the sizes and eliminated the cancerous mass. It slows the growth rate of tumours causing cancer. 


The review done in Veterinarni Medicina shows experiments carried out on rats, mice, and guinea pigs showed beneficial effects of CBD on the cardiovascular system, pain treatment, respiratory system ailments, and metabolic disorders. It asserts the use of CBD on pets like dogs, cats, monkeys, and rabbits for antibacterial use.  

  1. Treatment of arthritis and ear infection

The attribute of the CBD oil to kill pains makes it is better for treating and reducing pain caused by arthritis in older dogs. Its anti-inflammatory effect helps reduce inflammation caused by the disease. 

  1. Maintain body balance (Homeostasis)

One of the functions of the endocannabinoid system is to ensure the proper balance of the body’s functionality. In times when animals fall ill or sick, there is a loss in the body balance. CBD oil can help to promote body functionality and ensure well -being of the pets. It can increase appetite and calmness. 

  1. Treatment of Anxiety and Stress

The effect of CBD oil on anxiety disorder is common among pets. It can relieve stress, anxiety, and aggression in dogs. It helps relax nerves and make the pet to fall asleep easily. 



There are some side effects noticed in pets when dosed with the CBD oil. These effects differ in animals based on gender, species of the animals, the weight or size, and the dosage administered. 


Dry mouth 

Lower blood pressure 

Tremors from Parkinson disease 


Itching and 


The last two side effects may result from other factors other than from the use of the oil. It is necessary you take away any other edible that can cause diarrhea and observe the pet. When administering CBD take precautions “ DO NOT ” give a large amount to your pet at first, start with a small dose and increase in small amounts if the need for more is warranted. 





You sure your a cat?



For the best beneficial result, use only 100% organically grown CBD that has been grown without fertilizers or from genetically mutated seeds. 

Applying the CBD oil on the ear (the inner ear) or in the mouth (on the gum) for absorption has yielded the best result. CBD should be given during sickness in regulated dosage and not by the weight of the pet. 

Ensure the proper documentation of all the changes witnessed as you use on your pets with timing, if possible, the side effects observed. 

Conclusively, CBD oil can provide all the listed benefits and much more, according to research.  Always inform your doctors and keep proper documentation that can assist in future research.  

Consult your local Veterinarian about CBD to see if it is right for your pet before administering. 


I will love to hear how you have used the CBD oil and if it has been in any way beneficial to you or your pets.  

Please feel free to leave a comment. 

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  1. Great article! The use of CBD oil for pets is an intriguing topic, and it’s wonderful to see a comprehensive guide that covers its benefits and considerations. You did an excellent job explaining the potential therapeutic effects of CBD oil on pets and addressing common concerns related to dosage, safety, and legality. The article’s organization and structure are commendable, with clear headings and subheadings that make it easy to navigate and find relevant information. The content is well-researched and provides valuable insights into the potential applications of CBD oil for various pet conditions, including anxiety, pain management, and inflammation. 

  2. WHaaaaat? They make CBD for dogs? that’s crazy because I was just complaining (to my dog) that she needs a stress reliever because she is always acting like she had a long day lol

    This is cool I’ll definitely share this with some people. keep posting great content! I enjoyed reading this

  3. This is truly a great article, My girlfriend has a dog that recently gone blind and could benefit from CBD oil.  I believe it could give a little bit better quality of life.  I have also known a few people that have used CBD oil for their pets and see an improvement.  CBD oil has some amazing benefits for people and our pets alike.


    M.T. Wolf

  4. Thank you for sharing this informative article about the benefits of CBD oil for pets. As a pet owner, I have been curious about the use of CBD oil for my furry companions, especially when it comes to managing pain and anxiety. I appreciate the cautionary note about starting with a small dose and increasing gradually, as well as the reminder to consult with a veterinarian before administering any CBD products to pets. I would love to hear from other pet owners who have used CBD oil for their pets and their experiences with it. Have you noticed any positive effects or side effects? How did you determine the appropriate dosage for your pet? I found this article to be a helpful introduction to the potential benefits of CBD oil for pets, and I look forward to learning more about this topic.

  5. This article is very informative and clear. I´m surprised to see that CBD can help with various health issues as you mention in your article, including cancer. Are there any general regulations or restrictions on using CBD products for pets, or there may be regulations per location? Is there any online site you can look for regulations?

    Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts.


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